English Sites

This is the home of the english sites/subblog from proteino.de.

I don’t really want to translate all my content and also I will not really publish many text in english. But from time to time there is a (little) possibility that I will ;)

At time there is only one theme with some subpages and it’s about Logic. Here is a short introduction of what you could read there:

The present text requires the knowledge of some simple rules of logic. You have to read first a little bit about truth tables, the logic functions NOT, AND, OR and also you have to know something about logical quivalence, tautologies and contradictions.

To get some overview you could use many fundamental books about mathematics or informatics, formularies or wikipedia. The first chapters show you how to use Boolean algebra and transformations to get new statements, shorter statements or to get new rules. Everything will be explained via examples. After that you could learn something about the logic normal forms and how to reduce them in a fast way without extensive transformations. This text will be topped of with a survey of many-valued logic.

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